Almost Summer 2013

I haven’t been active here in more than a year. Other things in life came up. I am making plans for the months to come and they include lots of Getting Things Done. I won’t be using David Allen’s method exactly, but I will have a notebook at the ready, and will be using my timer for The Most Important Things:

  • Clear the walkway and backyard meditation-garden-to-be of weeds so as to reduce how many deer ticks I find on me.
  • Practice the weekly soul-traits for our spirituality discussion group; first up is “humility”. (It was going to be “order” but that is way too difficult for me to start with.)
  • Get the vegetable garden looking good.
  • Tackle the most obvious clutter (note: this is not “ordering”, it is just things going out the door to someplace else.)
  • Keep up with the debt pay-down; this means more hours in the shop.
  • Participate in the summer memoir workshop, dedicated to putting a longer written piece in some kind of order — there is that word again!
  • Make lots of Gazpacho
  • Get over the d___d shingles.

That is enough for now: time to get busy. Here are a few of the Spring’s joys:

The above is Cool Spring, an award winning Siberian Iris my Dad hybridized so long ago. And below is a simple yellow daylily whose claim to fame is that it was grown by me from a seed sent from China.


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