Hanging out in Salisbury

I had to get my car worked on this morning: it was leaking automatic power steering fluid and groaned and moaned at the idea of turning. A new rack(?) was needed, and one that was new to my car was installed. While waiting, I first had a coffee and then walked down to the ski jumps,  the John Satre hill, where in spite of our 70 degree weather there was still snow at the bottom.

I didn’t take that picture (though I took one like it with my almost never used cell phone, and must not have seen the “save”  or something what with the sun on the phone, so no picture.) I was contemplating walking up the stairs along side the large jump; just so my “Fitbit” would count the floors I’d climbed. Luckily I remembered how much I dislike heights and veered over to the steps along side the smaller jump, the one to the left with snow on it in the picture. And even then I didn’t walk all the way up; since jumper’s don’t walk down there is no railing,  I didn’t want to teeter off a step into the ether. It did get counted for a few floors by Fitbit.

The library was now open, so I walked over and skimmed through a book called “My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir” by Susan Fox Rogers. I’ve gotten interested in writing a memoir, and her aligning her life events with time she has spent on the river in her kayak was very effective.  I’ll definitely read it again more carefully. Then back to the garage, and I find I have enough time to have lunch, so I buy a sandwich from the market and sit outside in the warm, welcoming sun. Everyone walked by with a smile on their face, a lilt in their step. The first day of Spring.

I didn’t get out on the trail, but did walk-walk-walk, and my Fitbit recorded it all. It’s an expensive pedometer, but it does more: notes changes in elevation (floors), notes how many miles walked, counts calories burned (sort-of) and will record sleep patterns (I sleep much more soundly then I would have imagined). And it sends all that to your computer wirelessly, when you are within range. I’ve only had it a few days, and today was my first 10,000 step day, but it is a motivator, and will be fun to take on the trail.

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