Moving into the top 30%

I’ve decided to get into better shape. Now, so that I’ll hit 70 years old running. Or at least moving a bit faster, with less gasps for oxygen. I’ve got a year plus a few months to do this. I just took a seniors’ fitness test, described in an article by Dean Anderson on SparkPeople.  I’m still breathing a little fast, but passed all six parts, although doing least well on the more aerobic ones. (The tests are based on a book by R.E. Rikii and C.J. Jones, Senior Fitness Test Manual. It’s pricey, and best for fitness coaches, I think.)

The SparkPeople article states that only 32% of those over 65 follow a regular exercise plan. That’s the group I want to move into,  so I’ll need a plan. And regular follow- through.

I’ve been using my Fitbit, getting 5000 steps  and 10 floors climbed on most days. My first step is to up that to at least 8000 steps and 15 floors. After two weeks I’ll evaluate whether I should up that or not.

I’ll keep out the 5 lb weight I got out for the fitness test, and use it every day. Well, actually I’ll try to find the second one, and use them both. Curls and shoulder shrugs with weights. Again, for two weeks.

I’m turning somewhat vegetarian. There are a few sausages, some chicken and shrimp in the freezer. Once they are gone, I am going to try to do without buying any more meat. Maybe replace the shrimp, we’ll see.  I’ve tried seitan recently, and survived. Maybe I’ll find the right method to cook it, and like it better. At least I know I’m not sensitive to gluten. I’m relying on Tempeh, smoked tofu, grains and beans. And every vegetable I can.  Fruit I’ll add, but vegetables are my preference.

I’d like to say I’ll hike, but after going out into the State Forest last week with my son to see the yellow lady slipper in bloom, and coming home to find six deer ticks imbedded in me, I may wait until they calm down this summer. Or stick to well groomed trails.

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