Here’s a Folly, and a Fine Folly it is…

Time for a folly on this blog:

temple of appollo folly
©NTPL / Nick Meers
Images © National Trust Photo Library

(From The National Trust site:

The Temple of Apollo with the Lake beyond. This circular temple is dedicated to Apollo, the sun god without whom no garden can flourish. )

I fell in love with this one as I watched my netflix “Pride and Prejudice”, and fell in love with the movie and the music too. Bought the sound track from iTunes. This folly is where Darcy first proposes to Elizabeth, in the rain. It actually exists in The National Trust Gardens of Stourhead, which seems to have enough garden structures and buildings to warrant a visit. Wish I had the $$$$; wish I liked to fly!

Busy with work and painting landscapes; back to fiber-y things next week.

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