Cleaning out

I’ve been cleaning up. And working. Last week my sisters showed up and we filled a dumpster, 20 cubic yards of trash and who-knows-what. We began in the loft of the barn, which had 10 years of stuff just dumped into it:


upstairs of barn --before

One sister thought we could work for two days on the barn; I’m sure we could have but I had high hopes of getting to the worst parts of the house too. We got this much done on the barn:


upstairs of barn --after

Then, we, um, they, organized the landing in the house and had time the next day to tackle my bedroom:

surveying the mess

Not yet finished, but wow! I am delighted; I can see where to work on the next step:

bedroom cleaning: half-way

And there it all goes, worth all the money for the roll-off, but I couldn’t have done it without my sisters’ help. One couldn’t pay anyone to work as they did, with caring and thoughtfulness, and toughness and energy!

going and gone!

DS #3 then proceeded to clean and organized the mudroom; he is soooo good at this! I would post a picture but it needs a coat of paint and only looks good to those of us who had lived, too long, with the cluttered version. I can actually envision an uncluttered future, down the road.

One sister reported that pack-ratting/hoarding may not be an OCD stepchild as much as it might be a problem for those folks whose brains fail in one area, the decision making area that relates to things: given objects to evaluate for keep/toss/donate/important/not-needed, the part of the brain that decides these things doesn’t even fire in hoarders and pack-rats! Can’t quote the study, but boy, that is me. Making those decisions just wears me out and I quit, long before the task is done.

Not much knitting/spinning this week, but I am working on the shawl with my homespun. Pictures next time.

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