Dyeing my spinning

I have a split personality: I am trying to spin and knit for ‘A journey to a shawl’, and I am trying to do the mystery stole#3.

I dyed my NZ Romney a week ago Sunday with the butternuts and leaves that had been soaking in the sun for many days. Here are some pictures…

This is the set up in the back yard, camp stove and all:

The lovely blues and greens in the dyepot are reflections; the deep brown is
the butternut dye:

This is the dyed yarn, nearly dry:


I had begun a very simple shawl with this homespun home dyed yarn, but want to get larger circulars for using with it as it needs to be knit more loosely. Learning as we go, slowly, slowly!

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  1. Cary says:

    Oh, I love your dyeing “workshop” area!!! It just looks perfect! Were you happy with the end results of your dyeing job?

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