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Cycles of being and non-being

When we bought our house in the mid 70’s, one of its charms was the old, well built out-house.  The owners had used it to store hand rolled newspaper ‘logs’, which they burned in the little Ben Franklin pot-belly stove … Continue reading

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Road Trip, 1920’s style

I’ve been scanning old family photographs, not sure why,  but it seems like a good idea.  But what a headache!  iPhoto won’t read the scans, then it will, then it won’t, then it will.  Can’t get the Flicker uploader to … Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Year

I love the new beginning feeling that comes with the 1/1 date. I have made some sweeping resolutions; one of which is to get outside more: (starting tomorrow!) (I am nothing if not a procrastinator!) I am up for changes … Continue reading

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Cleaning out

I’ve been cleaning up. And working. Last week my sisters showed up and we filled a dumpster, 20 cubic yards of trash and who-knows-what. We began in the loft of the barn, which had 10 years of stuff just dumped … Continue reading

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Six Days of Sweat

Got home tonight from sister L’s house; moved some furniture, sorted, tossed, labeled, sorted, tossed, and generally probably made it look nicer but no doubt it will be a source of confusion as no one will know where anything is. … Continue reading

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Home again

We had a great time visiting T and M at their new home: It stands where in the previous post’s picture there is an empty lot; it’s wonderfully comfortable and has a terrific pool; and loads of beautiful orchids. Retirement … Continue reading

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Flying South

Tomorrow I wake up at as early an hour as I can manage to get to the airport and meet up with my sisters for a flight to Florida. I hate hate hate to fly, but I will. We are … Continue reading

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