Road Trip, 1920’s style

I’ve been scanning old family photographs, not sure why,  but it seems like a good idea.  But what a headache!  iPhoto won’t read the scans, then it will, then it won’t, then it will.  Can’t get the Flicker uploader to accept the scanned photos.  Uploaded some with their old online uploader and the pictures have a little copy of the image in the corner. Grrrrr!  I’m about to try here.  I don’t know if this part of my grandparent’s trip in the 20’s is in New Hampshire or Maine.  I think they may have driven past the ‘Old man in the Mountain’, so perhaps NH:

Traffic in the 1920's

There were actually others on the road!

And here it seems they stopped for ice cream:


Grandmother feeding a bear....with a spoon



And the last photograph is of their destination, near Middle Dam in Maine, the Anglers’ Retreat. I think this was a publicity photo they got there, not taken by them:


Anglers' Retreat, Maine


There are others of brooks and lakes, the dam itself, and a lake steamer— but I am tired of trying to make these images behave!

I see I’ve put a vertical border to the left; I’m afraid if I take it out I’ll lose the text and photos.  I can only get photos that I’ve scanned into Flicker, and thus into here, by taking them from iPhoto, putting them into the Preview app, save them, and lo!  then they can go in the uploader. I even downloaded a new Uploader for Flicker, and it sure is nicer then the one I was using, and the images now don’t have the little copy in the corner, but it won’t accept the scans either.  Maybe the fault, Dear Brutus, lies with the scanner. Tried to take the line out, now there are two! (Ah! I have made them go away!)




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  1. Steve Smith says:

    I love the photo of Anglers’ Retreat, the name was changed in 1909 to Lakewood Camps and The main building burned in 1957 but it was rebuilt. I am on the board of directors of a nonprofit called Friends of Forest Lodge. FL was the home of the author Louise Dickinson Rich. We are trying to preserve it and some of the history of the area. If you ever had success with your scanner I would love to see more of your Grandfathers photographs of Rapid river. Our website is
    Thanks, Steve Smith
    ps, I own a Mac & when I have problems scanning B&W to iphoto I just edit the blank picture it gave me in iphoto and for some reason, I then get a picture that is viewable

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