How I spent Friday the thirteenth

I used to win a lot of things from WKZE our local radio station. A trip (Key West), money ($1000.00), and lots of tickets to shows (Meatloaf, Van Dyke Parks, Odetta, Richard Thompson, Emmy Lou Harris, etc., etc.)  Then the station moved over to NY State and I just hadn’t been trying. Thursday they said, “third caller, 1-8whatever,” and I thought I’ll give it one try. And I won!  And I know the duo, I have their music!


 I have wanted to see this newest oldest venue (a music hall since the end of last year, but a great building, shingle style, built 125 years ago.)  So, with so much framing to get done that  I could have worked the night through, I went to Norfolk.

 And had a great time. A wonderful evening time. Beautiful restoration. Great photos in the entry. Two classy bars, one up, one down. Only 300 seats.  Welcoming eager staff.   Sound about right for my old ears, but I might try those ear-protector headphones, like some fellow in front of me had, next time.

 The Nields were so comfortable and sang such lovely harmonies, I was glad I had forgone the work to come.  And a p.s., I was able to shop at a grocery on the way home! (Our local store has closed).

 So what do I do?  Get home and immediately buy a ticket for Richard Shindell, and Leo Kottke, and Judy Collins, and Greg Brown.  And this from someone who has stopped spending money. well, almost.  I can not praise the fellow who has put this together (Dan?) and the great staff and the wonderful restoration and the good vibes enough — really, if you are in the area, Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk Connecticut will not let you down and ought to have every music lover’s support.

And in addition to the tickets I purchased, I’m aiming to win again once the 30 days are up!

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