New Hobby

I picked up my Craig’s list find yesterday.  Actually it was a search Craig’s list with Craig’s list ‘helper’ as it was out of my local region, so it meant a day’s road trip on a great sunny but cold day.  The loom is a Harrisville Design T36 with the extra treadle kit included.

new loom

 I am having trouble posting to the left side; how little I understand about wordpress and blogging; let’s just keep going and see what happens.  The loom is in like new condition though it was made 40 years ago; Harrisville Design has kept making a good thing over the years; I may order the new tie-ups from them when I put on the new treadle kit; and maybe if I can afford it, the friction brake. But if I shorten the spring on the back brake, I may not care. First, though, I am making myself a warping board. I have the dowels and today picked up the lumber for the frame. If I am distracted from picture framing tomorrow I will put the warpping board together.        Okay, the formatting is wonky, but I will post it anyway.

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