Home again

We had a great time visiting T and M at their new home:

It stands where in the previous post’s picture there is an empty lot; it’s wonderfully comfortable and has a terrific pool; and loads of beautiful orchids. Retirement sure looks good!

Saw lots of wildlife: bald eagles, all types of herons, sand hill cranes, etc etc, alligators on the golf course, and this speedy gopher tortoise:

A few hours at the beach and I added to my fossilized shark tooth collection; or rather, if I ever get the others back I’ll have ‘more’:

The last night we saw the Sarasota Reds play; the ‘Mike and Mike’ team played well; this is Mike DeJesus, the second baseman, who helped make the eighth inning a thriller; they won 4-3 with all of Sarasota’s runs coming in that one inning; good fun.

Back to work today; retirement is much more fun!

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