Six Days of Sweat

Got home tonight from sister L’s house; moved some furniture, sorted, tossed, labeled, sorted, tossed, and generally probably made it look nicer but no doubt it will be a source of confusion as no one will know where anything is. We began this ritual last year (does one year make something a ritual event? Why not!) and have done one and a half of our six days. Next Monday at A’s and then my place at the end of the month.

I have some how promised to get rid of 48 boxes by then— or is it 3 a day times about 25 days? –then it would be 75 boxes!! Oh my gosh!!! It would be nice to do that, so let me keep a count. (Today: none)

At dinner last night at a great restaurant (there are great perks to this cleaning) we almost shared a table with a certain girl’s college basketball coach whose name happens to be Geno; he was just a smidgen away at the next table; kind of made the night a memorable event.

Signed up for the mystery stole #3; I’m not spinning the yarn for this but am using a thin two ply from the Bartlett Mill. a rich brown called ‘bark’; but the beads I bought seem too small unless they will thread on a needle threader, but then how will the stitch get off the needle, I don’t think that is going to work—-

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