Change of seasons

I really have not done enough to get ready for winter. The Fall equinox was over a month ago, and it’s obvious that colder weather is just around the corner.¬† I have windows to seal, leaves to rake up, pots to empty or turn over so they won’t crack, a bit of a Siberian Iris to dig and mail off, bulbs to buy and plant, and wood to stack.

Aaron stopped by and was helpful in cleaning my chimney—the cap was completely plugged.¬† And since the leaves are still falling,

Fall leaves

I’m working on stacking the leftover wood. Three new cords will come in a few weeks, so the old wood needs to be out of the way. Today I got one row on the pallets¬† filled:

wood pile

And if I am still able tomorrow, and I intend to be, I’ll get the next row done too.

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