Happy Trails

I went out geocaching yesterday, a nearby cache, in a local landtrust area I had never walked in. First time geocaching in almost a year, first time hiking since the beginning of summer. The trail was nice even if it was up hill —then down…..

trail through Wildwoods land trust

…to a viewpoint….


I think the farmland below would be visible when the leaves are down. Passed a garter snake who would not move; I think he was cold: down into the thirties the last two nights.

garter snake  catching some rays

Found the cache; the GPS was right on. Left a ‘traveling bug’ that I forgot I was holding –for almost a year– and I know this is not good geocaching etiquette. I was surprised to find it in my pack when I got to the cache. But just as bad as that, is that this cache I left it in is not visited very often, so I think if it is still there in a few weeks I’ll have to move it along. If I can be trusted to do that in a timely manner!

I am going this afternoon again, now that I’ve used a PC to put maps in my GPS and a ‘Babel’ program to get waypoints from the web through my Mac to the unit, it is so much more fun!!!

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