Yarn and a swamp

I have put in some bids on eBay; I won’t say who from on the slim chance anyone who is reading this might be interested and snipe them away from me. I have two projects in mind.

Hope to buy.jpg

This is the second skein:

Hope to buy #2.jpg

And this is the third:

Hope to buy #3.jpg

Well, I have bid on more, but let’s see what we get. I’m probably committing a grievous error by even posting those photos as I didn’t take them; I just hope to own them.

I’m on a new weight loss challenge on SparkPeople; it began today, so I went for a hike. A lovely drive over a mountain on a dirt road, and as I drove down, the gas gauge went to “E” and stayed there. Eventually it popped up a bit on the level, and as the GPS said I was close to the “Drowned Lands” land trust area, I went on. The hike was lovely; the virginia creeper is red:

Drowned Lands.JPG

The trail is wide and mowed (the mower fellow came by as I was heading home).

Drowned Lannds#2.JPG

I didn’t get up to the top of the little mountain, but I did get up to a view point over the ‘Drowned Lands”. I could not find stage one of the geocache; I will return!

Drowned Lands #3.JPG

This wooly bear was on the trail on the way back— very little brown, in fact, no bands of brown– what does that mean? Cold winter? Today was hot and tomorrow may break a record high– can a caterpillar know?

Wooly Bear.JPG

Oh, I am in Ravelry as of a few days ago, and I do love it— it is useful and inspiring and fun!!! Does require more photographing; certainly can keep one busy looking. So many projects, so much yarn!


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