Moore Brook Alpaca Farm and Pokeweed

I visited this local alpaca farm on Sunday; a lovely tranquil spot with delightful animals, yarn, knitted goods, a sculpture show, and fiber. Here are two lovelys:


And these fellas were enjoying the warm day:

Too hot for the last day of September

I’ve known the owner a bit for many years, but never visited before. She also spins, but is new at it, and the woman I bought my wheel from was coming to demo that afternoon — tho I couldn’t stay. I still have some lessons due me, but I haven’t learned enough yet to know what I need to know!

The proprietor of Moore Brook Farm

I did buy two bags of washed alpaca:


This silvery gray, and one a more natural color that didn’t photograph well. She has lots of unwashed fleece, which at some point I’ll see about, but I bought the two bags I got. It was her open house day, after all.

My next adventure was collecting pokeweed berries for dyeing some of the roving I have:

pokeweed berries, in my own front yard

I had gotten a quart’s worth from my own yard, and found a terrific source by driving around. A long stretch at the edge of a mowed meadow, no fence. So I scavanged a bucket’s worth. Tonight I’ll get the dyepot bubbling!

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