Order Blast-off

Blast-off? Well hardly, But I have begun. In the kitchen. I have taken care of the mail; thrown out some old spices and ancient condiments, used a box to corral the vitamins, sorted the books, and tossed bits and pieces. The table is down to about one layer: by tomorrow it should look tidy. And then I can tackle the counters.

I am not good at this. I once heard that true hoarders have a spot in their brain that should light up when making decisions about what to save and what to toss or give away, and it doesn’t fire. I must lean that way. I am not a clinically-labeled hoarder, but teeter on the verge. I don’t devote the time to orderliness that I should, and this week’s concentration on order is helping. I may have to repeat this week frequently.

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