Rhinebeck: Saturday

I actually got to the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival early-ish, so the crowds were not yet thick and impenetrable:

yummy yarns

(This was  Ellen’s 1/2 pint farm.)

I watched some judging; they all looked good to me. I am a novice at identifying animals, but these were goats:

goat competition


The 12 noon gathering was fun; here is our Ravelry leader, Jess, oohing and aahing at a baby. Bloggers tried to find squares; and we all pretty much blocked traffic.

Jess 'aahing' baby

As I left that little knoll, I saw Stephanie’s sweater, and had to be a bit dorky and put my camera in her face. She was off to get some wool. Which is what I did, though I restrained myself from buying a fleece, and loaded up with various rovings, natural and dyed,


from various types of sheep and other fibery creatures. I had a blast, in my quiet old-timer’s way, and am headed back tomorrow. This was the very thinned out crowd heading home, with me right behind them:

heading home


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3 Responses to Rhinebeck: Saturday

  1. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for posting early – I could almost taste the experience :o)

  2. It’s funny the other day I was telling someone about alpaca and they thought it came from a sheep, to which my response was “No alpaca yarn comes from ….alpacas”

    Nice running into you at the meet up!

  3. Glenna says:

    hi! Great post. I came over from Ravelry.
    Did I chat with you on Saturday and get podcasted with you at the blogger meetup? If so, hi! it was nice to meet you.

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