Rhinebeck: Sunday, and spinning wheels

I returned today, armed with some more cash, but resisted these oh-so-clever wheels, by The Merlin Tree, so easy to carry, so durable, so cute! I didn’t take his card, but Saturday he remarked how he had the least expensive wheels at the festival, and just down the aisle in building A were the most expensive!

The Merlin Tree Wheels

This wheel is made by Tom Golding, I hope I have the name right (I think I do now as Lunassa recognized herself spinning and helped me out here, thanks!)– so lovely it belongs in a museum! I didn’t try it; too unsure of my abilities to recognize greatness, or even appreciate it. But what a wheel!

Tom Jones' amazing wheel; unknown happy  spinner

This next wheel was in with the The Merlin Tree’s Hitchhiker’s; an antique made in Connecticut, my state, but as I looked at the old wheels here and there around the festival, I realize I don’t have the patience for the old and somewhat archaic. A good lesson for me to learn!

Antique wheel made in Connecticut

Then I looked in on the sheep to shawl competition—so focused were these folks. I noticed a few had the Kromski Minstrel, my wheel. (seen over on the left in this photo)

Fleece to shawl competion

And they worked fast; even my camera thought they were fast.

carding for the fleece to shawl competition

I wasn’t able to be there for the results, as I was in the author’s tent waiting for Stephanie to speak.

The Yarn Harlot waiting to speak in that sweater

She is so very entertaining, and so right on the button, and so makes me want to think more in my everyday life. Think, and make the connections, and remember the best of the stories of our lives.

The next photo is Kathy, and her needle case shop, Crippenworks. She’s local, a friend of a friend, and has a web presence, here.

A friend of a friend, Kathy, in her booth, Crippenworks.

I was not the only one to photo this maple that loomed over the restrooms as a guide for a colorway or for colors to find and knit into one garment:

The colors of fall

And after I had walked all I could, spent all I could, and been as friendly as I could be, it was time to go home, and think about next year:

It's all over


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2 Responses to Rhinebeck: Sunday, and spinning wheels

  1. mary j says:

    oh! i love me them wheel pictures you got there. you are very welcome! i don’t think it could have been a more beautiful weekend! 🙂 we also love and covet your friends needle cases!

  2. Beth says:

    Thank you for the Rhinebeck review. I doubt I’ll ever make it, but, I do look forward to seeing, and reading about everyone’s experiences. Looked lovely. Thanks!

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