Rhinebeck workshop and colored leaves

This is my backyard view, this afternoon. A storm around us; overcast; but still so much green for the last bit of October. (I need to trim some of these shrubs so as to not lose my view of the mountain; but I have to do it on a weekend cause they aren’t really on my property.)

back yard view

I have tried to get rid of the sumac in my yard, but here it is:

colors in my yard

The red and the bit of yellow resemble, in a far-reaching way, the roving we used in the spinning workshop at Rhinebeck on Friday. Margaret Heathman was our leader, and she was soooo encouraging. We were given dyed roving to spin and ply five ways:

roving and plied handspun

On the left is a strip of the roving; on the right it is plied with a red; the ones in the middle are single plied, plied from the inside and the outside of a center pull ball, two strands hopefully spun in a similar thickness and length and plied together, and some that is Navaho plied. That was the name of the workshop: one painted roving prepared five ways.

I was happy to be shown Navaho plying, and did some more at home but I still need a lot of practice, actually I s**k at it. But the relaxed day of spinning and plying was perfect for honing my hardly existent skills on the wheel; I hope they have spinning classes next year!

I am just now looking for a hat pattern to knit, using these yarns. A rolled brim one, I think.

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  1. Pete says:

    Hi Karen. It’s me Pete in Los Angeles. I really like your blog! I sent the link to Xan as well!

  2. Hi, Karen. Beautiful photography. One of these days I’d love to go to Rhineback. Jane

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