Trying a variation

I really really like the patterns of Jane Thornley, of Nova Scotia. They are almost freeform, and allow one to choose yarns and colorways and be a bit adventurous. She sees patterns of colors and textures in nature and is able to translate them into knitted fabric. I am enraptured by them. I am working on the Medici Coat, only I hope to make it a vest. This is the first 6 inches or so:

Medici Coat (vest)

And here I have added more rows; neat how my Harmony cable cord matches!

Medici Coat (vest)

I hope to have this done, with collar, for Rhinebeck. Should be doable. I ordered a heap of yarns from EBay to work on this; some have not yet arrived, but the lichen Colinette Giotto from England arrived so I began and am liking it, although I think wearing it I will look like a piece of upholstered furniture!

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  1. Marlena says:

    I love how textural that is. I’ve never heard of Jane Thornley before!

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