So, last week I chose “Faith”. I’m a bit in Sharon Salzburg’s camp, “Faith does not require a belief system, and is not necessarily connected to a deity or God,  though it doesn’t deny one,” (from Faith, p.xiv).  The Buddha said “Faith is the beginning of all good things.”  I am a believer in the wonders and complexities of this universe and our small part of it here on earth. And I marvel in how really small the part each of us plays here, but it is what we have, what we are given, in being alive. It is what we have to work with. We each need to find what good we  can do with what we have been given.  And that is all I have to say about that.

And this week I chose “gratitude”.  I wonder if it is something more than being thankful, something other than counting our blessings. I think it should be something we send outward. Like Sam’s ‘light in your heart’, (instead of a sticker on one’s lapel). Or similar to a meditation blessing:


May all beings be well and secure!
May all beings be peaceful!
May all beings be Happy!


Perhaps this is more of a prayer for the well-being of all than an expression of gratitude; or are they somewhat the same?
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