A New Order

Last night we met and had our discussion about the soul traits, and our practice of them. I was going to move on and do the suggested 13, repeated 4 times in a year, equaling 52 weeks, but I’m going to hold off on going forward. I am going to concentrate on order, the trait I am so woefully lacking in.

On the ride home, my friend remarked how much satisfaction she gained from being orderly, from keeping things clean. That notion of satisfaction struck a chord in me. That is something I could work to attain. Satisfaction in how I live,  in what I allow to share my space, and in keeping just what is dear to me but letting go of the rest. If I could do that, I would be mighty satisfied.

I shall have to go about it in tiny steps as it is so foreign to me. Ask my children!

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  1. You can do it. Just take baby steps. You can’t change overnight. Well, you can but it doesn’t usually last. Small changes seem to have the most chance of being permanent.

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