Where I’d like to be

I checked out the radar after some heavy storms passed through this afternoon, and all looked clear ahead, so I went to the Housatonic Valley Art League picnic and annual meeting in Sheffield, MA. Had a good time, gabbed too much and enjoyed the company. On the way home the clouds were lifting and the ridge where the Appalachian trail goes, having come from CT heading into Great Barrington, MA, was visible, barely. And this bit of ridge is the one piece I have not hiked. I’ve been south of it; I’ve been north of it. Maybe this year I’ll get there!

glimpse of Mt. Everett

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  1. Linda says:

    I’ve managed to hike a couple of stretches of the AT (Maryland and New York) — I don’t think there is a stretch that isn’t gorgeous.

    Isn’t that part of the qualification? 😉

    (Thx for the note to my blog: pm me on Ravelry!)

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