Wee Things in the Back Yard

I spent some time in my yard today; first mowing on my more or less once every three-weeks schedule; then I began to get house plants cleaned up and repotted to bring in as cold weather looms. As I got ready to open my water reservoir (a sturdy Rubbermaid trash can) I found this bitty wood frog. Warming himself in a sunlit spot:

Baby tree frog

I often hear the trill of the adults (males I suppose) this time of year; but they are difficult to find. I have before seen tiny spring peepers and little-bitty toads, but this might be the first tiny tree (wood) frog!


The Kalanchoe is re-potted and ready to come in:


It was a present from Sam and Kath on Mother’s Day, and is thriving. If I can just manage not to overwater it..


 Next is a Plumbago, a lovely blue-blue-blue leadwort, not very showy but such a great bit of color for this late in the season. I have no other blossom in my yard that is this blue, and I am so glad it has survived. It stays in the ground near the pond; I admire it for its tenacity:




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  1. Brenda says:

    Glad to see you are posting again. I have missed reading your blog. I don’t usually comment but always read.

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