Winter Solstice


Today we have arrived at the turning point, at 7:04 am this morning. The sun has reached its low point and will now wend its way back to its highest point in the sky next June.  Of course it is we here on earth who are doing the maneurvering, but appearance is everything, especially up in the heavens, to me.

We have had a great winter storm cycle, like much of the US.  A foot or more on the ground; we are covered in the silence and slow-down that comes with snowy weather.  Here is my home:


The sky was wonderfully colored tonight; paying tribute to this significant day.  When I look down my street on the Solstice, the sun is actually a bit farther south than the transect that the road cuts. Not so for some early folk on an Orkney Island who cut a 47 foot slit that is only illuminated at its end on the winter solstice, featuring carvings made thousands of years ago; there is something similar in Ireland. How did those people manage to be so perceptive? ( I am lost without my internet to answer my every whim.)

Winter Solstice sunset

And another:

Winter Solstice sunset

I love the graphic nature of my yard in winter; it goes monochromatic and takes on a peaceful demeanor.  Here are the seed pods of my very tropical Hibiscus that gets larger each year, and which holds on through snow and ice to add drama to my front walk.


Almost all my photos have telephone poles and wires, but hey, they bring me my broadband!

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