Edna St.Vincent Millay’s resting place


Sunday seems to be the day to post; today I drove up to Hillsdale to the Book Barn, a wonderful used book store, spent my alloted $20, and went on northward to visit the grave site of Millay. The walk into the woods is open to the public; the house and ‘artist colony’ are not (yet). The walk is marked with bits of her poetry; the woods were cold and quiet, but I really wasn’t expecting this much snow:

Snowy path

There were a few old footprints in the snow and some deer tracks, but the woods had a somber hush befitting the destination; there were NO signs of spring, but the young beeches were gracefully decked in last year’s leaves.

young beech tree

A wonderful rustic bench would be a nice place to read some of her poetry… on a warmer, dryer day.

rustic seat

The headstone for Millay and her husband is literally a large stone, mossy-covered and quite lovely in the snow. Fern fronds (really fern fruiting stalks) had been placed on the stone (I know they are not called fronds, but ‘fern fronds’ has a more poetic sound to it)


Nearby is Edna’s mother’s grave, marked with mountain laurel and an old truly rusting away fence. Very quaint, very restful.

Her sister's grave

Many of the poems along the half-mile walk were aptly about death, but these stanzas from ‘Portrait by a Neighbor’, 1922, could be my neighbors talking about me:

'Portrait by a Neighbor' 1922





“Her lawn looks like a meadow,

And if she mows the place

She leaves the clover standing

And the Queen Anne’s Lace!”




The sky was stormy gray, so I stopped on the way home to take yet another picture of the view:

The view


Bits of sun, rain, snow, and what-not today, but still a more spring-like day than a winter-y one. Yeah!

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4 Responses to Edna St.Vincent Millay’s resting place

  1. Peter Bergman says:

    We’re glad you took the time to visit the Poetry Trail and the Millay graves. Perhaps you will come see us again when the gardens are in bloom and see the spectacular view from the tennis courts, too.

    Peter Bergman, Executive Director, Edna St. Vincent Millay Society at Steepletop

  2. karen says:

    Mr, Bergman,
    Thank you for responding; I’ll take that as an invitation for the summer! Thanks!

  3. mehitabel says:

    Sounds like a wonderful walk. I’ll bet it will be beautiful in the spring, too!

  4. Jessicanot says:

    beautiiful blog merciiiiii

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