Stay at home Sunday

It’s been mostly cold, snowy, and blowing today. There was a patch of sunshine during the afternnon, and I sat in the big dining room window in the warm rays and spun some llama roving I got last fall at Rhinebeck, from the Northern Vermont Llama Co. They take folks on Llama treks, and sell their fiber. It’s two tone so it’s spinning up tweedy. I have to decide whether to ply it to itself, or to some other single, a tan or dark brown . I have a bit more to do, of the 4 oz. ‘bump’, and then I’ll experiment.

This is the fiber, about half-way spun:

Llama roving

I don’t know the name for this type of thin-spun roving; not ‘pencil’ spun, more like ‘ruler’ spun. Fun to work with, and looks like this on the wheel:

spun two-tone Llama roving

Here’s a photo of this morning’s snow and the old truck:

Old truck

Someone left me a card in the shop door for their scrap metal pick-up business; I may take tham up on it this spring. The neighbor would love me.

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