How to spend a Sunday afternoon


After a stop at the transfer station (no picture; next time!), I went to the art show and took a shot of my three paintings:

three paintings

Only one more sale; it doesn’t seem that much will sell. I find it hard to look at my own work on the wall without wanting to take it home and ‘fix things’ on it. Looks like this time I’ll be able to bring them home and do just that!

I went over to the Antique Center; the beginning of the month is time to pay the rent and collect the check; this month the latter was larger than the former! Hurrah! Here’s a shot of the interior:

Millerton Antique Center



This is my tiny corner:

My corner at MAC

Empty spots on the wall; empty room on my shelves. I need to hustle a bit and stock up. Think I’ll check the loft of the barn tomorrow; much to look through. Never know what the next buyer will like.

I’ll end with a photo of this sunny thawing day:

Beginning to thaw

Think I may try to turn it into a painting, leaving out some of the foreground trees.

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2 Responses to How to spend a Sunday afternoon

  1. Marie says:

    Good luck with your paintings! I like the look of your stall at the antiques mall. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing–just been wondering if the income would be worth the effort! I guess I’ll never know till I check out a few of the local ones–but yours looks a lot nicer!

  2. karen says:


    I make a small profit; the center charges rent but doesn’t take a cut of the sales: instead I have to help out two days a month. I don’t suppose I make enough to cover my ‘hours’, but I will keep at it—will be a great retirement thing to do!

    The dealers there are nice folks; the building used to be a small town ‘department store’, so it’s funky. I’d also make more money if I put more effort in and kept my stock up-to-date, and changed it more often. Good luck to you!

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