Spring clean-up


It wasn’t planned to coincide with the beginning of spring,  it just happened. Old things in the backyard got up-rooted and carted away. First the old truck, kind of sad to see it go:

scrap metal clean-up

Next was the manure spreader, race car shell, and old snow-mobile cases. All in a big moosh:

scrap metal clean-up

And last was Bean’s vw, which had been acting like a rain-holding cistern for the last four-five years. It’s a toss-up which was the most quaint, the vw or the old truck. Here’s a picture (of his) from last summer, and then today:

Bean's VW


scrap metal clean-up


Meanwhile the fellow moved a limb, removed some old broken garden machines, a truck cap, a heavy sink, an even heavier old bath-tub, an ancient rusted off-set press, a heavy equally-ancient air conditioner, an old wood stove, and best of all….

scrap metal clean-up

…when he left, he put money in my hand!

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  1. mehitabel says:

    Congratulations! I think having HIM pay YOU to clear your yard is the best!!~ and now you can really begin to enjoy the spring!

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