Spring has definitely sprung


Another Sunday, another blog post day. I have been planting new fruit trees; trimming rampant vines and killer invasive roses, starting veggies, potting up things for the garden club sale, and potting up other things for the forest garden workshop I am taking next week. And, without any help from me, things are blooming. The Nanking cherry, now 15-20 years old:

Nanking cherry

This year it is just covered with blossoms; and nearby the Sand cherries are blooming. Much younger bushes, they are not so heavily covered with blossoms, but the cherries are a bit larger than the Nanking cherry.

Sand cherries

Also blooming yesterday and today is my lovely apricot. And it has been warm enough for the bees to have been very active; hope that means a good crop. Of course we could have a frost, or the trees could get buggy (I skipped the dormant oil spray this year). I can’t be the only one who cheers on the honey bees; so glad to see them!

Apricot tree

One of the early tulips is this species type:

species tulip

They last so much better than the taller, more usual tulips. Year after year they come back, and bloom early. I hope I remember this next fall and put in some more. I also noticed this year that although the bees ignore the daffodils and narcissus, they love the earlier blooming crocuses; another one to plant more of this fall.

A shrub I remember fondly from my childhood was an azalea; I was always amazed at how early it burst into bloom. This is probably not the same variety, but the color is similar:


These are the daffodils and narcissus in front of the house; the white patch on the lower left edge is the cat’s chin; she loves it that the sun has warmed the earth. She also loves it that I am out there working in the dirt and she can roll around in the newly exposed soil.


The outdoors has a hold on my attention; I did spin this March fiber from Amy at Spunky eclectic. It’s called “mud season”; I spun it and then plied it Navaho style, very poorly! Love the colors tho.

'Mud Season'

The frame shop is driving me batty. There is either no new work, and therefore no money— or there is plenty to do, but, life intervenes. We’re swamped, but I am off for this forest gardening workshop! Can’t win; must figure out retirement!

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