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A note about Spring

I went out in the back yard last night, and yes, the peepers are singing, and I can still hear them, in spite of my hearing going south, or somewhere, but they are perhaps a bit more muted than in … Continue reading

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Hanging out in Salisbury

I had to get my car worked on this morning: it was leaking automatic power steering fluid and groaned and moaned at the idea of turning. A new rack(?) was needed, and one that was new to my car was … Continue reading

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Back to the Trails

I’ve been delighted with the early spring; honestly, unless you plow snow or live to ski, who wouldn’t have liked the winter just past. Technically spring begins in just a few hours, early tomorrow. Since writing those first sentences I … Continue reading

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My one man show

I’m hung in the local library but not with a noose,  rather it’s my paintings that are hung up.. Fifty-five of them. for two months. It’s the local library, on the upper green, a venerable stone edifice with it’s stained oak … Continue reading

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Cycles of being and non-being

When we bought our house in the mid 70’s, one of its charms was the old, well built out-house.  The owners had used it to store hand rolled newspaper ‘logs’, which they burned in the little Ben Franklin pot-belly stove … Continue reading

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I am going to try to get some daily discipline in my painting. The easel is right there, set up in the kitchen, in a toasty spot not far from the wood stove. I want to develop that illusiveness in … Continue reading

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The Snows of Winter

This has been a cold month—but the best winter for snow. I shovel a few times a week, and feed the birds a few times a day. Love it.

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Change of seasons

I really have not done enough to get ready for winter. The Fall equinox was over a month ago, and it’s obvious that colder weather is just around the corner.  I have windows to seal, leaves to rake up, pots … Continue reading

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Back to the easel…

I’ve agreed to hang paintings in the Town Hall in March. It’s a corridor without much viewing distance. My paintings look pretty pathetic up close, but they slip into a more cohesive whole when seen at a distance. Oh well, … Continue reading

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Spring in full force

  I am plagued with wildlife here in the country. Some of which I like well enough, the daily birds and butterflies,  the occasional bobcat, the snakes , toads, and frogs. But the deer and woodchucks are too much, and … Continue reading

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